Strategy Clarity

An effective business starts with a considered and informed strategy. The strategy helps define the business’ vision, goals, objectives and the steps needed to achieve these desired outcomes. The strategy affects the way the entire business is run, it is a wide-reaching and comprehensive strategic plan that defines the business as a whole.


  • Company Direction
  • Company Story
  • Company Vocabulary
  • Goals, Objectives, Strategies & Tactics
  • Create the Strategic Plan


  • Business Functions
  • Leadership
  • Staff & Team
  • Infrastructure

Strategy Knowledge

In most businesses there are key personnel that are usually organically aware of large chunks of the strategic direction of the business. However these powerful insights are rarely correlated or shared amongst the organisation as a whole. Our process identifies the core information and its value, creates the meaning of this information and then shares this information throughout the entire team in a format which will allow for a greater organisational awareness.


  • Strategic Meaning
  • Strategic Awareness
  • Strategic Focus & Passion
  • Common Understanding
  • Value Alignment


  • Alignment in Business
  • Staff Satisfaction & Buy-In
  • Organisational Efficiency
  • Effective Communication

Strategy Application

The Application aspect of Strategy is the performance of the activities within the Strategic Plan and the success of the Strategy is defined by the fulfillment of the Strategic Goals. The Strategy Application is really the the who, what and when of the Strategy.


  • Create Accountability
  • Create KPI’s
  • Monitor Activities
  • Refine Process
  • Review Capacity & Resource