Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing Clarity

Successful Sales & Marketing is dependent on a business’ ability to clearly articulate its core message. Clarity ensures that the Sales and Marketing activities align to the core business goals and objectives. This brand consistency facilitates for staff and customer confidence in your offering, increasing the success of each campaign. There are a lot of moving parts in Sales and Marketing and taking your message to the market can be complicated. The OutFit Group knows which mediums and methods will maximise your success and return on investment.


Segment Customers
Prospect Profile
Market Profile


  • Product
  • Services
  • Features & Benefits
  • Needs Analysis
  • Solutions
  • Product Bundles


  • Channels to Market
  • Marketing Plan
  • Sales Plan
  • Sales Process
  • Product & Service Story
  • Company Story
  • Sales Pitch
  • Sales Tools & Aids
  • Marketing Campaigns

Sales & Marketing Knowledge

In most businesses there are key personnel that have developed the skills and the understanding to be able to effectively promote the company and its products and services. However this limits the ability for a business to grown and these powerful skills are rarely fostered amongst the organisation as a whole. Our process identifies the core skills, information and its value, then trains and shares these skills and information throughout the team in a format which will allow for a greater organisational awareness and revenue generation ability.


  • Sales Skills
  • Marketing Skills
  • Social Media
  • Web, SEO & SEM

Custom Sales Training

  • Sales Tools
  • Specific Product Story & Pitch
  • Specific Product Training
  • Staff Satisfaction & Buy-In

Sales & Marketing Application

Sales & Marketing Application comprises of the Activities and Management to facilitate the achievement of the goals as set out in the Sales & Marketing Plan.


  • Building Marketing Material
  • Distribution of Marketing Material
  • PR Activities
  • Lead Creation & Management
  • Sales Activities
  • Customer Communication
  • Sales Process


  • Improve Performance
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Maintain Motivation
  • Build Deep Confidence
  • Reduce Reluctance
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Metrics & Numbers
  • Account Management
  • KPI’s & ROI