The OutFit Group applies a unique blend of traditional coaching methodologies, powerful business tools and practical solutions to give you the very best opportunity to achieve your business goals.

Coaching Programs

Our coaching is tailored to the individual needs of the participants. This flexibility allows is to assist in the most effective way and adapt to different circumstances.
Some common engagements include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Sales Coaching
  • Business Coaching

Why Choose OutFit

Once you work with an OutFit Business Coach you’ll quickly see how deeply we care for your success and development.

We are equipped to assist you in improving your Executive, Leadership, Sales and Business abilities. Our Coaches understand the challenges faced by business in today’s market and we have developed a structured methodology to assist our clients to succeed.

OutFit's Business Competency Model

In our Coaching Environment we have identified 12 Core Business Competencies that allow us to isolate challenges, identify the root cause and formulate strategies overcome these business obstacles.

Business Owners and Executives have incredible demands upon them and our Core Competency Model creates a pathway to solve problems and achieve goals.

Limited Spaces Available

We do very much enjoy the connection we build during the Coaching Process and the positive outcomes it provides for our clientele, however due to time constraints and the energy required to make the coaching engagement a success we only accept Coaching Clientele on a a selected basis.

How Much Time is Involved in Coaching

We generally meet with our Coaching Clientele once every two weeks for 50-60 minutes. Usually there is contact between sessions to provide follow-up from the sessions. We also provide custom support programs for our clients as required.

During all our coaching programs we are always available and we are happy to provide any support needed.